Standard features: 4'x6' door, 3/4" flooring, 2"x4" Yellow Pine studs on 24" centers on the walls, 2"x6" treated flooring on 24" centers.

Stor All Buildings Inc.

Our Story:

     Mr Rickey Boothe started building a shed one day in his yard back in 1996. People would drive by and talk to him about it. One day a gentleman asked if it was for sale. Well of coarse he sold it! Then he started to build another one and the same thing happened. Mr Boothe got so busy he had to hire someone to help him keep up and he had to expand into the place he is at now. The Staff at Stor All Buildings Inc. are very friendly and will help every step of the way.

We build them just for you with or with out all the extras.

    We build them and bring them to you or for a little extra we can build it on site.

Custom buildings made just for you!